Cancer Program

A cancer diagnosis can give rise to a myriad of legal issues, adding unnecessary stress to patients trying to focus on their health. LegalHealth attorneys help cancer patients resolve obstacles surrounding their health insurance or access to care; advise patients on their eligibility for disability benefits through their employer, their Social Security account or Supplemental Security Insurance; counsel patients on their right to take time off from work or request work place accommodations; strategize with patients on how to manage their often increasing debt; and assist patients with important advance planning needs, including health care decision making and future care and custody of their children. LegalHealth sees oncology patients at its clinics at Mount Sinai, Mount Sinai Morningside and Mount Sinai West, and has a dedicated clinic at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Cancer Center. In 2017, LegalHealth served 130 Mount Sinai oncology patients  on over 200 legal matters.  Many of these patients are seen bed-side at the hospitals.